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28th April 2011

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28th April 2011 -  Anyway, the latest track I’m writing is called “Invisible” and its about someone who moved to a new school but found themselves completely alone,  ignored and almost dismissed by everyone around them – until someone saw them and accepted them for what they were (hence the title).  Before going into the recording studio, I usually do a demo version as I’m writing it – and this is the demo version I did for Invisible - recorded in my bedroom!

I wrote “Invisible” on the guitar (as usual), but quickly moved onto the Apple iPad which my Dad had only just bought. There’s a piece of software on it called GarageBand and I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND it to any aspiring songwriters out there as it helps you get your ideas down really quickly and easily – in my case typically Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums – then I sing on top.

Working this way allows me to get the song the way I want it (melody, structure etc.) – before going into the studio – so it saves a lot of time. As soon as the Studio “release” version of the song is ready I’ll post it here but it’ll also be available on iTunes and Amazon if you want to buy it.Read more

10th April 2011

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10th April 2011 - I’ve not been able to spend much time on music recently as I have my final exams so I’m spending every possible opportunity revising. Boo!Read more


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